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Joseph L. Calkins, M.D.

Certified, American Board of Ophthalmology

Doctor using Slit Lamp during a patient examination

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Complete eye exams, with diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, injuries, etc. are performed by a board-certified physician, not by technicians and assistants. We have the old-fashioned emphasis on putting the patient's interests first and foremost.

Second Opinions

Have you been given a diagnosis or a surgical treatment plan, but would like to get another opinion? Are you considering a type of elective, cosmetic, or refractive surgery and would like an objective viewpoint to put things in perspective? We pride ourselves on the highest degree of professionalism in evaluating your situation. Call us for a no-nonsense evaluation appointment.

Doctor performing a Prism test during a patient examination

Pediatric Ophthalmology

We treat and evaluate all ages including infants and juveniles. Strabismus, amblyopia and other common childhood conditions need prompt attention to avoid passing critical mileposts. Have you wondered about eye exercises and other treatments advertised to boost school performance? Call now to have an examination and an honest discussion of available options.

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Optical Dispensary

We do not sell glasses on the premises, but would give you a prescription for glasses when a refraction is done. You may fill the glasses prescription at an optical store of your choice. This way, the patient benefits from our un-biased advice on the best options for him/her (whether to change glasses; what type of glasses and optics recommended, etc). We have no financial interest in selling you glasses.